Trailer Tracking

Where are my trailers? A common question in your daily operations. Bring all your trailers to map and optimize your schedule thanks to SPOT.

Optimize your planning

SPOT ensures that all your trailers are visualized in real time on a map. Your dispatchers can check at any time the availability of trailers. No more questions like “where is the trailer now?”


If you have subcontracters driving for you with your trailers, you can complete control at any time over the whereabouts of your trailers and te goods inside.


With SPOT you can immediately identify and recover stolen trailers, thus provides you an extra service for your customers as their goods ar secured 24/7

Cargo localisation – additional service

With the SPOT trailer tracking solution you can quickly and accurately give feedback to your customer if he has questions about his loads. You can also give customer access to the SPOT website by using trailer groups, enabling them to follow the transport of his goods through the SPOT-website.